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University of Northern Iowa




Advertising Competition

The AMA Advertising Competition has been established to encourage students to participate in a hands-on project dealing with advertising and promotions. The students have a chance to have their advertising scheme implemented as part of the UNI College of Business Administration recruitment campaign.



Eligibility: Any UNI student is eligible to participate.


Prizes: The winner of the competition will have their

creative wrok purchased by the UNI College of Business

Administration in the amount of $500. Students whose

advertisments place second and third will receive $20 gift

cards and UNIBusiness apparel. The UNI College of Business

Administration will have the option to Purchase their creative

work as well.


Topic: The UNI AMA is partnering with the College of Business

Administration to boost the College's enrollment by making more

young Iowans aware that UNIBusiness prepares you for your

professional career through its "Get Ready" campaign.


Submission: The competition will begin Monday October 28, and

end on Monday January 20, 2014. To receive the information for the

competition you need to stop in the Department of Marketing Office,

Curris Business Building room 336, pay the $10 entry fee, and sign

the respective sheet to offically sign-up for the competition. You will

have until the end date (January 20, 2014) to complete your campaign

work (single ad, series of ads, or an integrated approach; may use any

type of media or format). You will submit your campaign work by emailing

files to uniama01@gmail.com. After January 20, a committee will meet

to decide the winning project.


Questions?: If you have any questions about the competition, rules,

restrictions, or subissions, please email uniama01@gmail.com for



Thank You and Good Luck!

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